Your Results are back… You have PCOS PT.2


I spent what felt like the longest week of my life, almost convincing myself that there was no way that I had PCOS, That was until I received the phone call that changed my life… That’s right a phone call, my doctor didn’t think that PCOS was serious enough for an in-person diagnosis.

‘Your results are back… You have PCOS’ This was swiftly followed by ‘However because you are overweight, we can not prescribe you with anything. Give us a call once you have lost weight and we will arrange a consultation’ Sadly this Is a story I hear all too often and Cyster after Cyster are left in the dark with a diagnosis that you don’t know how to handle, and advice that doesn’t even feel worthy of the title … Loose weight.

After this I spent years denying that anything had happened, I mean… what else was I meant to do? The people we are taught to trust had just left me stranded with a condition offering no explanation for what to Do, and only telling me that one the SYMPTOMS of the condition was to blame. and honestly, I tried, I googled day and night the days that followed my diagnosis trying to figure out how I could help… but everything I read contradicted its self, I was confused and overwhelmed, a feeling that I am sure soo many other women can relate to.

It was only a year ago that I started to really get serious about trying to figure out how to reserve my PCOS symptoms and hopefully balance out my hormones, it was very early into this journey that I realised it would be a life long task, a challenge if you will. I wasn’t going to find a magic cure, there wasn’t going to be one single thing that fixed me. The one thing that I realised I could control, was my mindset, how I view this condition and more importantly, how I view myself. Sadly it seems that women with PCOS are almost conditioned to hate themselves, We seek to actively change everything about about ourselves. And that raised one question for me…

What if we embraced everything’s that is beautiful about us today?

Until next time, Love and good vibes,

Sincerely, Shy

Your results are back… You have PCOS PT.1


Chances are if you have been diagnosed with Polly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, your diagnosis’s started with your doctor uttering the following words ‘Your results are back… you have PCOS’ and the conversation doesn’t tend to go any further than that. This was the conversation I had with my doctor 4 years ago… and since then I have been battling with a condition that no one seems to know very much about, well not in the medical profession anyway. So let me tell you a little about how I got set on this journey.

Around 4 years ago, at the age of 19, I started to notice some changes in my my body that I couldn’t really explain, I didn’t understand what was going on and I definitely didn’t realise that they were all connected. I had just started a job in the world of recruitment and up until that time I had only ever been working in retail, it was a massive culture shock to me, it was intense, fast passed, and extremely stressful. After around 6 months of working there my periods disappeared sometimes for months on end and when they did finally come they were heavy and hit with a pain like no other. I was only 18 at the time, and simply put it down to a change in work pace, and told myself that it was an issue that my body would simply work through naturally.

That’s when the physical changes hit, and these were changes that I wouldn’t be able to ignore so easy. The irregular periods were quickly followed by acne… on my back, I developed severe back acne, with outbursts so painful that sometimes I was unable to lay on my back at all, and then came the sudden weight gain.

The weight gain was the hardest part for me, not only was I up 3 dress sizes but like with any sudden weight gain, I was also covered in stretch marks, making me feel so self-conscious that at this point I didn’t even want to leave my house due to the frustration and the constant insecurity. For many women, the weight gain part can be very confusing, If you are anything like me your eating habits didn’t change and if anything I was eating less because I was so busy.

And the third and final symptom for me was excessive facial hair. and if everything else wasn’t enough that was the final straw for me, and really the thing that made me say ‘This is not normal, this is not ok, I need some professional help’. So I took myself to the doctors, where the lady weighed me, took note of the symptoms, and finally after watching her for what felt like forever flick through a book, she turned to me and said, you may have PCOS, she then explained that I would be sent for tests. When I asked exactly what this meant, she simply printed off some pages from an online search and told me to read through.

When I left the doctors office, I was terrified… armed with only a piece of paper printed directly from google, explaining all of the complications of PCOS, and the only words that were screaming out to me were; INFERTILITY, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE. at this point, One Question remained… What happens now?

To find out how the rest of the diagnoses played out, Please see PT.2

Until my next post, Love and Positive vibes.

Sincerely Shy x