You Micro Cheated On Me?


Micro cheating, intriguing term right? I wonder when you heard it did you have the same questions as me? Have I been guilty of Micro Cheating, and better still have I ever been Micro Cheated on? Intrigued, I got to work with my research, determined to find out what this new term meant for dating today. Did It change the dynamic of things? and had we, in fact, all been guilty of cheating on our other halves without even realising It?

Cheating on a whole Is such a complex issue, according to a survey done by the economist in 2015, 41% of men admitted that they have thought about cheating on their partner at least once. For many this involves breaking the emotional and sexual exclusivity that comes with being in a relationship, and that’s pretty easy to determine, But is it that simple when it comes to Micro Cheating? lets break this down a little.

Micro cheating has no clear cut lines when it comes to what is considered micro-cheating and what isn’t, but the general rule of thumb is that overstepping the boundaries set within your relationship, would be considered Micro cheating, so just for an example if you have agreed to be mutually exclusive to each other then something such as signing in to an online dating website would cast you in the role of the cheater, Or it could be a little more complex then that, For example – Playing down your relationship to a crush, or making an extra effort when you know you are going to be seeing a certain colleague that day, maybe even liking a crushes Instagram photo with the intentions of getting their attention.

I mean most of that sounded pretty innocent right? WRONG! Psychologist and author Ty Tashiro have described micro-cheating as the beginning phases of cheating and in fact, these seemingly innocent acts can actually lead to much bigger problems down the line. This also raises the question of, ‘Is this relationship right for you?’ putting it into perspective micro-cheating might be the first sign that it is time to hit the road and call it a day before any more damage is done.

So now you may be wondering, how do I know if I’m micro-cheating, and I think I have the perfect answer for that, Are you doing anything that you wouldn’t want your partner to know about? if the answer is yes… then you may be guilty of micro-cheating, or better still if you do anything that makes the answer to the question ‘Would this hurt my significant other? yes, then its time to take a step back and change paths.

Until my next post, sending you love and light – Shy